I am a performer, composer, and instructor in the Portland-Metro area since 2005 and I've been sharing my love for music with students young and old since 1998. My background includes a strong contingent of Marching techniques and Drum Set styles. However, my scholastic endeavors in both Secondary and at University have rounded out my education with an intense study of Classical Percussion which most of my students find most rewarding. I currently teach nearly all forms of Percussion and I relish the opportunity to learn a new form every day.



Charles is an incredibly talented teacher and performer.


In 1998 I began teaching as a studio instructor in Jackson, MS while attending college. Soon after I moved to Alabama to finish my degree. Throughout that time I worked with the Montevallo Troubadour Marching Band and Winter Ensemble as they performed my own arrangements of popular soundtrack music and received top ratings in competitions.


In 2005 I received a Baccalaureate in Music Composition from University of Montevallo, returned home to Portland, and began seeking new students. I joined the team of private instructors at East 2 West Studios in Clackamas under Brett Paschal in 2006. By 2009 I found a private instructor's position at Reed College. Since then I have composed and conducted several percussion ensembles with local high schools. You will still find me teaching at Reed College and Studio E.P., my own private studio on East Burnside, while consistently working as a freelance percussionist throughout the region.




My earliest performances are on Piano. I studied blues piano at the age of 7 for a few weeks and I was hooked on music. My loving parents continued my musical education with classical piano lessons until I picked up drum sticks and began to play in the 6th Grade Band. I performed in scholastic ensembles for many years after but I also enrolled in "Rock School," a crafty organzation that pieced together like-minded youth to learn, practice, and perform a short set of music in only 4 weeks. I was most definitely hooked on this process and quickly developed skills such as: listening, arranging, dynamics, and even singing while playing. Each of those skills is vastly importand and I use all of them and more to perform throughout the Northwestern U.S..


You can find me playing Classical Percussion with the Portland Chamber Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and Percussion Recitals at Reed College.


Behind the Drum Set is where I am most comfortable and I have played with many groups in Portland. Some of them are David Vest, Franco Paletta and the Stingers, The Vermen, Smut City Jellyroll Society, Hush Hush Smut Club, The Hellhounds Blues Band, the 2010 Grammy Nominated Brothers of the Baladi, and I am a part of the Host Band at The Late Now.


Not to be forgotten however, are Hand Drums. I have played Hand Drums, including Middle Eastern, African, and South American Percussion instruments for years now too and I am allowed to show off my multi-percussion skills in Hurqalya, the Pan-Mediterranean World Beatnik Jazz ensemble from Portland.